MOSOLOV-P  and Günter Schwaiger Film Produktion (GSF) produce shortfilms documentaries and fiction films, mostly in international coproductions.  

Our productions seek to deal with questions which, while not entering into value judgements, provoke thought, focusing on people, their history, their culture and their contradictions.

Mosolov-P & GSF


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EL BUZO (The Diver Inside/ Der Taucher)


Spanish Premiere

Cines Verdi, 30th June, 20h, Barcelona


THE DIVER INSIDE, 94min, Directed by Günter Schwaiger

in coproduction with Extra Film Vienna 

Austrian Cinema Release: 29-11-2019


Award Best Actress DIAGONALE 2020

Julia Richter for her work as LENA in THE DIVER INSIDE 


watch the Trailer:

Synopsis The quieter the sea, the darker the abyss The Viennese Irene is a strong and self-confident woman who lives on Ibiza with her 18-year-old daughter Lena. The close relationship between mother and daughter is shaken when Irene's ex-partner Paul returns to Ibiza together with his son Robert. His world career as a composer and musician is in danger. He will soon be on trial for having severely mistreated Irene. He tries to manipulate Irene with every means at his disposal in order to withdraw the charges. When he almost succeeds, Lena and Robert turn up against Paul. The conflict is inevitable.                                                                                                                 In the midst of the apparent idyll of a Mediterranean island, this film tells the story of a trauma from the different perspectives of those involved. A psycho-thriller about the effects, repression and coming to terms with family violence, but also about the longing for love and the indomitable power of rebellion.


Festivals :

HOF International Film Festival (2019, Germany), Austrian Film Week ISRAEL (2020, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa), Austrian Film Week KAIRO (2029), WÜRZBURG IFF (2020, Germany), Freistadt HFF (Austria), BARCELONA FILM FEST (June 2020, Spain),  ATLÁNTIDA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (Juli/August 2020, Spain)


DIAGONALE FF (2020, Austria) - cancelled

BOLZANO IFF (2020, Italia) - cancelled



Due to the Covid-19 crisis the dates of other festivals are still uncertain.


in development


Directed by Günter Schwaiger

Script Günter Schwaiger, Julia Mitterlehner





in distribution:


Stop Motion Animation Shortfilm

Directed by Artchi

















Directed by Günter Schwaiger



  • BEST DIRECTOR AWARD International Agro Film Festival Slovakia, 2017
  • MENCIÓN DE HONOR  Festival Internacional de Cine Verde Barichara/Colombia 2015
  • CINE VERDE AWARD  World Premieres Film Festival Philippines 2015      
  • Nominated HWF AWARD  DOK Leipzig 2015


CINEMA RELEASE IN SPAIN                 -  9th of October, 2015              
CINEMA RELEASE IN AUSTRIA            - 20th of May,        2016
CINEMA RELEASE IN GERMANY          - 20th of October, 2016
CINEMA RELEASE IN Oberösterreich  - 17th of January, 2017